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Yang di tandain masih bisa di sesuaikan  sesuka si pembuat karaoke
sumber - pengalaman sendiri

3gp - 3GPP Multimedia File

The 3gp format is both an audio and video format that was designed as a multimedia format for transmitting audio and video files between 3G cell phones and the internet. It is most commonly used to capture video from your cell phone and place it online.
This format supports both Mac and windows applications and can be commonly played in the following:

  • Apple QuickTime Player
  • KM Player
  • MPlayer
  • RealNetworks RealPlayer
  • VLC media player
  • MIKSOFT Mobile 3GP Converter (Windows)

Yuni Sara + Rafi Cinta Ini

Ayu Ting - Ting

Bang Toing Duren

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Mix Tape

Part5        K_5 last MIXing™ FIN@L
Part1        K_5 ast MIXing™ FIN@L
Part3 K_5 last MIXing™ FIN@L
Part4 K_5 last MIXing™ FIN@L
Part2 K_5 last MIXing™ FIN@L

Ayu Ting - Ting Alamat Palsu

Ayu Ting - Ting  Click New Window

Change bpm

here's the calculation

when making a sample faster:

you divide the desired tempo by the given tempo (i.e. 96/64) but then you subtract "1" off this result and then multiply by 100

((96/64)-1)*100 = 50

this result (50) would mean 50% so you'd have to make the 64bpm sample faster by 50%

if you have a 33 bpm sample but want a 99 bpm sample (99/33 = 3.. 3 - 1 = 2 .. 2 x 100 = 200%)

to check this equation you can caluculate with the same bpm

i.e. 64/64 = 1
1 - 1 = 0; 0 * 100 = 0% so you would have to change a 64bmp sample by 0% to achieve a 64bpm sample

when making a sample slower:

you calculate (1 - (desired bpm/actual bpm)) * 100

to check this calculation:

actual bpm: 96
desired bpm: 64

(1 - (64/96))*100 = 33.333%
so you would have to make the sample slower by 33.333%

actual bpm: 99
desired bpm: 33

(1 - (33/99))*100 = 66.666%

so you'd have to make the sample slower by 66.666%

last check with same bmp

(1 - (64/64))*100 = 0%

Bonus Karaoke

Dealy Deejaay

I Love U Baby
IM IN LOVE DEALY\- DeaLy_INSOMNIA DEALY\- DeaLy_Jai_Ho DEALY\- DeaLy_JUICY PENN DEALY\- DeaLy_kau 3kan cintaku DEALY\- DeaLy_MENUNGGU ( ridho rhoma DEALY\- DeaLy_MY CREATOR DEALY\- DeaLy_NI TAO TI AI SEI db DEALY\- DeaLy_POYET DEALY\- DeaLy_PUJAAN HATI DEALY\- DeaLy_RESIGN TO X T C DEALY\- DeaLy_Right This DEALY\- DeaLy_RUSTY GUITAR DEALY\- DeaLy_SEVEN RELODED DEALY\- DeaLy_SKSJ ( Five Minutes - DEALY\- DeaLy_SMOKE MACHINE final DEALY\- DeaLy_Smokey Machine V3 DEALY\- DeaLy_SOUND OF CAESAR 2009 DEALY\- DeaLy_Speed 3 DEALY\- DeaLy_Stoopit DEALY\- DeaLy_Sumpah Mati DEALY\- DeaLy_TONG HWA DEALY\- DeaLy_Trumpet DEALY\- DeaLy_Tung_hua_'09 DEALY\- DeaLy_What Dj Reload DEALY\- DeaLy_WINK'z DEALY\_DeaLy_    SKSJ ( Five Minutes DEALY\_DeaLy_FUCKIN - TRACK DEALY\ Dealy - JAPAN DEEJAY DEALY\™_DeaLy_Insomnia DEALY\D-DJ - BIRTHDAY PARTY_DEALY DEALY\DeaLy - Aishiteru female DEALY\DeaLy - Baby DEALY\DeaLy - Hujan kemarin_Taxi band DEALY\DeaLy - I know u want me DEALY\DeaLy - Smokey Machine v3 DEALY\DeaLy - Stoopit v2 DEALY\DeaLy - Teruskanlah DEALY\Dj Dealy -  Jangan memilih aku 2010 DEALY\Dj Dealy - Aishiteru DEALY\Dj Dealy - Baby DEALY\Dj Dealy - Trouble Is A Friend DEALY\Dj Dealy - Ya Sudahlah DEALY\Party 99 (Dealy) DEALY\Shake pump it up_Andy vs Dealy DEALY\- DeaLy_DANCE WITH THE DEVIL DEALY\™ - DeaLy_DANCE WITH THE DEVIL DEALY\- DeaLy_  Right This DEALY\- DeaLy_ Cinta Mati 2010 DEALY\- DJ™_DeaLy BRING DA BEAT DEALY\BRING DA BEAT DEALY - DJ™_DeaLy BRING DA BEAT DEALY\BRING DA BEAT DEALY - DEALY\- DeaLy_  LETHAL INDUSTRY DEALY\- DeaLy_  PLAYBOY INFECTION 2009 DEALY\- DeaLy_What You Want DEALY\- DeaLy_Biarkan Aku Jatuh Cinta DEALY\- DeaLy_DEALY MIX 2010 DEALY\- DeaLy_Fuck Martinez 2010 DEALY\- DeaLy_I'm in love 2010 DEALY\- DeaLy_ISSABELLA DEALY\- DeaLy_Keterlaluan DEALY\- DeaLy_LAGI BOHONG 2010 DEALY\- DeaLy_Power of Magic 2010 DEALY\- DeaLy_Stoopit 2010 db DEALY\™DeaLy - Susis ( suami sieun istri ) Sule DEALY\DeaLy - Susis ( suami sieun istri ) Sule DEALY\- DeaLy_  Power Of Magic DEALY\- DeaLy_  Stoopid Vs V2 DEALY\- DeaLy_  Yank (Wali) DEALY\- DeaLy_ Biarkan Jatuh Cinta DEALY\- DeaLy_ DEADLY O DEALY\- DeaLy_ Ding Dong DEALY\- DeaLy_ DOWN MEGAMIX DEALY\- DeaLy_ EIT ZEIT DEALY\- DeaLy_ FUCKIN TRACK DEALY\- DeaLy_ HARD SOUND TRUMPET DEALY\- DeaLy_ IS GONNA db ok DEALY\- DeaLy_ Jangan memilih aku 2010 DEALY\- DeaLy_ LAGI BOHONG DEALY\- DeaLy_ LAST TRAIN 2 UNIVERSE DEALY\- DeaLy_ Mission Imposible DEALY\- DeaLy_ Panggung Sandiwara DEALY\- DeaLy_ Pelan Pelan Saja DEALY\- DeaLy_ RUSTY GUITAR DEALY\- DeaLy_ SEXY BASS v3 DEALY\- DeaLy_ The Trompet DEALY\- DeaLy_ TRACE DREAMERS DEALY\- DeaLy_ TRAFFICER db ok DEALY\- DeaLy_ UNTITLED DEALY\- DeaLy_ WAT YOU WANT DEALY\- DeaLy_ DEALY\- DeaLy_CHECK IT LICK IT DEALY\- DeaLy_Cinta bgindaz DEALY\- DeaLy_CINTA SAMPAI DISINI DEALY\- DeaLy_CINTA SATU MALAM DEALY\- DeaLy_Cinta Terlarang DEALY\- DeaLy_CRYING SOUL 2009 DEALY\- DeaLy_CYBER ANTHEM DEALY\- DeaLy_DISCO BLUE DEALY\- DeaLy_DREAMLAND DEALY\- DeaLy_DUA CINCIN FINAL DEALY\- DeaLy_EiT ZeiT DEALY\- DeaLy_HARD OF JUICY PENN '09 DEALY\- DeaLy_HEARTBREAKER DEALY\- DeaLy_HITBANK_2010

Ronny Deejaay

Out Of Love
Keong Racun
La Serenada
Boom Boom Pow
The Otherside 2010 •   CARI JODOH.wav •   DISCO CHICKEN.wav •   JUST BE.wav •  ALARM 9.wav •  biang pentas.wav •  I LIKE IT LOUD 2010.wav •  DA TRIPPER.wav •  DER KOMISSAR.wav •  DESTINATION CALABRIA.wav •  DETONATOR.wav •  JAI HO.wav •  U GOT THE KEY 09 Mille Ver.wav •   LIKE A DOG.wav •   THE NIGHTMARE TRAIN.wav •   WHAT ELSE IS THERE.wav •   YOURE NOT ALONE.wav •  APPOLOGIZE _ cover version.wav •  AYE AYE AYE 2.wav •  BINTANG KEHIDUPAN.wav •  Bring Me 2 Life 2010.wav •  BUNDA ( MELLY ).wav •  CASSA.wav •  CHILD.wav •  CI MO TE SIN.wav •  Creem 2010.wav •  CYBER DANCE 2ND.wav •  Cyber Dream 2010.wav •  CYBER DREAM.wav •  Destination Sunshine.wav •  EVERYBODY IS NO 1 ( MANDARIN ).wav •  EVERYONE IS NO.1.wav •  EXTACY.wav •  EXTREME.wav •  HATI YANG KAU SAKITI.wav •  I'M YOURS _ cover version.wav •  IMAGINATION.wav •  KAN TONG TIAN KAN TONG TI.wav •  LUKA.wav •  MASIH CINTA.wav •  MILLENIUM DREAM 09 ver.2.wav •  MONKEY CHONG.wav •  New Divide 2.wav •  NEW DIVIDE.wav •  Playboy Reload db.wav •  PUMP N JUMP.wav •  RISAU ( MELLY g ).wav •  SEPARUH JIWAKU PERGI.wav •  TERUSKANLAH.wav •  THA TE PHE ING 09.wav •  THE BOOK IS ON THE TABLE 09.wav •  THE BOOK WAS STOLEN.wav •  U GOT THE KEY 09.wav • BINTANG KEHIDUPAN.wav • BRING ME TO LIFE.wav • Ronny Feat DJ Alvind _ ONE MORE TRY 09.wav • Ronny Feat NdeeJay _ THA TE PHE ING 09.wav • RUNAWAY 08.wav • Unfaithfull.wav • WAITING FOR TONIGHT.wav • WO PU HOU HUEI.wav • WO SE CEN TE AI SIANG NI.wav •  FUNKY JINGLE BELLZ.wav • BULLET IN THE GUN 2007.wav • CHEN CING CUEI MEI.wav • KISAH AKU.wav • MONKEY CHONG.wav •KAULAH SEGALANYA BAGIKU.wav •Ronny- bunga terakhir.wav •Ronny- DRIVE ME CRAZY MELODY.wav •Ronny_ KETAHUAN_DB -.wav •Ronny_ STUP IT,k,Down.wav 23- SUKA2X RONNY.wav 24- SUKA2X RONNY.wav BRING THE BEAT BACK Dr BEAT - DJ RONNY Rmx2.wav BRING THE BEAT BACK Dr BEAT - DJ RONNY.wav CyberDJ™ • Ronny Feat DJ Alvind _ ONE MORE TRY 09.wav CyberDJ™ • Ronny Feat NdeeJay _ THA TE PHE ING 09.wav KILL MY STATISFACTION#.wav La Serenada.wav TO LIVE FOREVER_PN.wav UNBREAK MY HEART.wav DJ Ronny [Cyber DJ Team] - KILL MY STATISFACTION#.wav DJ Ronny- UNDER ATTACK.wav PARANOID.wav DJ Ronny#cyber deejay team - PARANOID.wav DJ Ronny#cyber deejay team - TO LIVE FOREVER_PN.wav DJ Ronny#cyber deejay team - UNDER ATTACK.wav DJ Ronny#cyber deejay team - URBAN GROOVE.wav DJ Ronny#cyber deejay team] - UNBREAK MY HEART.wav IN OUT LOVE - RONNY.wav IRISH 2010 (RONNY).wav  BEAUTIFUL GIRLS.wav CYBER DANCE.wav ENERGY.wav  GROOVE BOX.wav  HUI XIN CHUAN YI.wav  IN AND OUT LOVE.wav  LOVE OF ZUMA.wav  PUMP N JUMP.wav  U GOT THE KEY 09.wav AKU KAU KENANGANKU.wav AYE AYE AYE.wav BALLAD POUR ADELINE.wav BEAUTIFUL LIFE 2010.wav BUNGA.wav CHEN CING CUI MEI.wav EIT ZEIT.wav EXTREME.wav FIRE WIRE.wav HARDCORE VIBES.wav HARDSTYLER.wav I Hate U.wav IMAGINATION EXTENDED.wav Imagination.wav INA TORA.wav INDIAN RAVE.wav Is A Dream.wav JUMPERS.wav LETS PLAY DADDY.wav ONE LOVE.wav OVERDRIVE.wav PLAYBOY RELOAD.wav PUMP N JUMP.wav PUSH THE FEELIN ON.wav RAZORBLADE.wav Ready 2 Party.wav SEX DRUGS & HOUSE.wav TOU SE WO TE CHUO.wav TROUBLE JAZZ 08.wav WILDSTYLE DJ.wav ALL THE THINGS SHE SAID 09.wav APPOLOGIZE.wav AYLA 09.wav BUM BUM.wav MASIH CINTA.wav risau.wav WAITING 4 YOUR LOVE 09.wav WHAT'S UP 09.wav Ronny BY THE WAY (DB).wav Ronny- EVERYBODY IS NO 1 ( MANDARIN ).wav Ronny- IRISH 2009.wav Ronny_-_Ready_2_Party.wav Ronny_atas nama cinta.wav Ronny_bersama bintang.wav Ronny_U Are Not Alone.wav TELER'GET MY PHONE - RONNY.wav THE NIGHTMARE TRAIN - RONNY.wav

Make Same BPM With Adobe v 1.5

Reply For Detail

Subtitles Manager

BPM via Adobe v 1.5

                                                                            For Deatil Please Reply

Vocal Remove Using Sound Forge

Virtual Dub

Join Video And Text

First Open Virtual Dub
Then click Filter Add

Load VD.filter Then search Text Sub (OK)
After That 

Save As Avi

For Detail Please Reply

Vocal Remove Using Adobe

  • 1. Convert  file from mp3  to wav 16bit
  • 2. Load your adobe audition. then right click on project area --> choose insert -->  audio
  • 3. Find effect > amplitude > normalize ke 50%
  • 4. Effect > Filter/Stereo Imagery > central channel extractor, choose acapella, custom 150hz to 21000hz
  • 5. Center channel level 10db (listen by click preview, when the music still hard move to 5 )
  • 6. Discrimination setting move to wide until 0.Listen by click preview....if it less for value move to 1,3 or 3
  • 7. Phase disrimination 20
  • 8. Amplitude disrimination 2
  • 9. Spectral decay 0
  • 10.Amplitude band 10
  • 11.Fft side 8192
  • 12 Overlay 12
  • 13. Interval size 15ms, after finish your set, then click ok


I respect 
a lot of people are looking for, how to make karaoke but only some not all so do not make us confused myself a headache because on this blog we will peelthoroughly in detail how to make karaoke, karaoke I made this because I have continued to try for yourself please refer to my blog

Tools For Audio

Tools For Make Karaoke

Subtitles Make Karaoke  Use AEGISUB

Klik AEGISUB Text For Download

Korea - Young Lates

 F(X) - danger
 TVXQ- How Can I
Infinite - BTD
A Pink - I Don_t Know Beast - Shock G.NA - I_ll Back Off So You Can Live Better C.N. Blue - Intuition girls-Mr.Taxi 4minute - Why orange caramel - Bangkok City Super Junior M - Perfection (korean ver) TVXQ -Before_U_Go BEAST - Shoc Beast - Fiction

Tut Make Karaoke Full

1.Remove Vocal
2.Edit Video
3.Applay To Aegisub

Wait.....................still comming

Tools :
Adobe Audition v 1,5 - 3.0
Sony Vegas Pro 7.0 +

Lates West Hand Made

Premium Only  pass - sotoy

This Karaoke Is made with aegisub

Lenka - Trouble is a friend

Avenged Sevenfold - Dear God

Lates Koplo Karaoke


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